Fitness + Longevity = FITGEVITY

FitGevity Fitness is a concierge service of personal training designed specifically for Older Adults. It is unique in that the personal fitness regimen is independently designed to be appropriate for either active or sedentary
The overarching goals of FitGevity are to welcome persons of all skill levels and abilities, foster a safe and positive social atmosphere, and to help participants perform any task with more confidence. These goals are
achieved by targeting three areas; muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.
Senior clients will enjoy one-on-one interaction to suit their personal fitness needs within the privacy of their own home or in optimal small groups. Don’t miss out on letting the one-on-one personal training sessions begin to positively affect every aspect of your life, including your energy, appetite, and sleep.

For pricing and available time slots, call or email Owner/Trainer Ila Swanson for details on the CONTACT US page. 


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